• Shortly About Me

    My name is Hans Lievaart and i spend a lot of time with photography. One of these days I hope I can call me a professional. One of my specialities is concert photography, that's why you find this website in a (hard)rock style. But check it out, i do a lot of other stuff and will give you an impression of it. For more detailed information, please visit my other site http://www.hl-photography.nl.

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    Concert at "de Boerderij" Zotermeer

    Stream of passion will play at the boerderij that day. I will visit them for the fourth time and will take some pictures for lords of metal.


    Concert at the Effenaar Eindhoven

    Testament will play at the Effenaar that day. I will take some pictures for lords of metal.

    My Clients

    One of my clients is the e-zine "Lords of Metal. I do quit a lot of metal photography for these guys.( and i Like it). You can find all the in formation about Lords of Metal on their website http://www.lordsofmetal.nl

    Metal Empire is specialized in international artist management and promotion company for female fronted metal bands. More information you can find on the site http://www.metal-empire.nl/

    One of the latest client is tribute band. This organisation is quit special and has their focus on... exactly, (amazing) tribute bands. See what I mean, just check out these guys. http://www.tributeband.nl

  • My favorite bands and friends

      Volbeat-tribute band

      I visit a performance a couple of times and these guys became my personal friends. What these hard working guys do on stage is amazing. That’s why they are the number one Volbeat tribute band. Give it a try to visit these guys and find out yourself so that you can give them your support.

      Seventh Sin

      One of my favorite bands is Seventh Sin. They released there new album 'When Reality Ends'. Click on the picture to visit their website

      Beyond God

      Also Beyond God is one of these bands I love to visit. give them you're support and visit them

      stream of passion

      Stream of Passion is one of these bands that not only bring good music, they also give you a hell of a show. You have to visit them to see with you own eyes what I mean (you won't regret it)

      But what I Also like very much, very very much I can tell

      Five Finger Death Punch

      My friends from Los Angeles. They bring powerful groove/death metal to you're ears. I love it, simple as that

  • Metal

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  • Because we have a full operational professional studio available, it's possible to do all kind of studio photography.So if you need a complete studio reportage please contact me and I will help you out

    About My Works

    Concert Photography

    One of the parts i like, concert photography. If you want pictures made from a concert, please contact me at


    Cars, bikes events

    As I told you earlier a also like car and bike events. As I say "As long it makes a lot of noise and smelss like gas, I will visit it. I you need photos from such an event please contact me at hans.lievaart@metal.photography.nl

    Creative Ideas

    As you can see at the picture on the left, I also like to do experiments with Light, flash or a combination of this. If you have questions of this please caontact me at hans.lievaart@metal.photography.nl

    Photo manipulation

    Play around with the pictures I took in Photoshop. If you have ideas or suggestions yourself please let me know. If you have questions of this please contact me at hans.lievaart@metal.photography.nl

  • Full Albums

    Below you will find a couple of links that will bring you by the full report of some concerts I visited. These photo albums are made with Adobe Lightroom, that’s why it will come up with a new page. I simply can get it to work in the same frame. Benefit of course is that you stay on my page

    Volbeat tribute

    My friends from the Volbeat tribute band in the Bosuil Weert, the Netherlands. A hell of a show it was. Just check out the pictures and enjoy.


    Stahlzeit 2014 in the Bosuil Weert, the Netherlands. A hell of a show it was. These pictures will say more then enough.


    My friends from LA. I visited these guys in 013 in Tilburg.

  • Contact Info

    Hans Lievaart



    hans.lievaart@metal.photography.nl information@metal.photography.nl

    Fill in the contactform below, or use one off the e-mail address above

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    Concert photography

    As I told you guys already, I love to visit (metal)concerts and take pictures of the bands. I do this for more than a year now, and I still like it. Most of the time I do this for Lords of metal or Metal empire, my best clients and friends

    Picture: One of my favorite bands, Volbeat-tribute

    Other photography

    One of the other hobby is rally and racing.That's why I also visit a lot of time race circuits. This site is pointed to metal photography, but you will find pictures of other subjects as well. Of course you can find pictures of all my other work under the portfolio button.

    One of thepicture I shot at the German Formula 1 grand prix

    Photo manipulation

    If you want something special, you came to the right place. I can make something special from almost every photo. I use Photoshop, so no special programs with a lot of filters, but only Photoshop. That’s why you get something special and no picture with an effect downloaded from the internet

    Picture: Charlotte from the band Delain